We need volunteers it’s just that simple!!! All shapes, ages, sizes and abilities. At our place you will be donating your time to a really good cause and you will also have an opportunity to make your hobbies pay. We will sell your handmade items in our Trading Post. If you are a craftsman of any traditional or historical handy craft we need you to come demonstrate to kids. And who knows, it may be you that sparks an interest in that child do something positive with his life. Just a little time here and there can make a difference in the world. We need your help to make this difference!

     We are putting in covered booths for craftsmen like basket weavers, potters, flint nappers, candle makers, soap makers etc. Inside we have room for painters, sculptors, silver workers, quilters, spinners and rug weavers. We have historical displays that need to be manned by people in costume. Cowboy musicians are welcomed to give a little atmosphere. There is a blacksmith shop that needs several smiths to keep it running. We need gunfighters to participate in shootouts and we have a large wardrobe so don’t let the lack of clothes stop you. If  your not into the history end of things we are always needing help in the construction of the other buildings, there are horse pens to clean, tack to oil and the grass always needs watering. There are a multitude of ways you can help others through this living history museum so we hope you all will join us and together we can make the world a better place.

Contact us at 719-379-4179
Or better yet just drop by and tell us how you can help.