Hagen Shepherds


We are a family that raises a few German Shepherds each year. Over the years I noticed that most people who raise dogs fit into one of two categories; they raise high priced show dogs or cheap dogs that look and act even cheaper. In this last category the breeders are most often negligent and think very little about their product other than what money they can make from them. So in considering my direction for the future, I wanted to try for a middle road. A good quality dog but not too highly priced. My dogs may not win you a blue ribbon at a conformation show but neither are they going to have to be put down at two years old from hip dysplasia. Each dog in our breeding program is owned by a member of the family and are house dogs, there is no puppy mill at our house!

All proceeds go to the support of the free living history museum! Instilling a love for history and learning to children of all ages, all over the world!



 Mosby is 7 years old and weighs 110 pounds. His hips have been tested and he has an OFA rating of Good. He is out of German and American lines AKC registered. He is personal protection trained but he just loves kids. He has such a friendly temperament no one ever suspects him of being a protection dog, unless they make the wrong move!

Kirby Smith


Kirby is a 5 year old and weighs 90 pounds. She is a big girl and makes no apologies about it. She belongs to my father who has honed her protection skills to the point that she will lay quietly at his side until someone makes a move his direction, at that point she jumps up and barks with such vehemence everyone stops in their tracks. The family is no exception, she has to be told before we can even approach to give our father a hug! Kirby has had one litter last year and her pups all exhibited excellent natural protection skills. Like Mosby, she loves her sticks!



Scout is 7 years old and weighs 95 pounds. She is a much more possessive dog than some of our other breeding dogs and hates to have her owner out of her sight. She is naturally very protective and will make it quite clear you are to leave her owner alone! She has just had her last litter in October and has been an exceptional mother to her many pups. Her pups tend to be high-driven but very smart. One of her pups was adopted to a loving family and became a certified service dog. Scout’s brother is on the police force.



Kola is 4 years old and weighs 65 pounds. She is super super super sweet! She has the most mild tractable disposition I have ever seen in a German Shepherd. She wants to please and anything you teach her she will try to do her best at. She has been worked a bit with protection work and loves to get the “bad guy”. She bites full mouth on the training sleeve. Kola is a new mother and her pups were all just as sweet as she is.

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