We give a number of free field trips each year to school kids of all ages. There is no charge for this; we only ask that you give us due notice. We will need to know how many kids and what age they are so that we can make the outing as beneficial as possible. Little kids are not going to really enjoy a long talk about the west and would much rather pet the animals. But older kids are going to have many more questions and will be more curious. This is not a problem in the least we just need to know so we can accommodate the situation. We have found that having responsible parents along with the children will make the outing go smoother and more enjoyably for everyone.

We also find field trips for college groups to be very educational and a lot of fun. We can go more in-depth at any of our displays than we typically do for tourists and children; thereby offering even adults a rare look at generations gone by.

If you would like to plan a field trip just give us a call and we will get the ball rolling.

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