We have a Tepee, Marshal’s office, Hogan, Underground Pre-History Native American Dwelling, 1800’s Library and Print shop and fully working Blacksmith shop. All of these buildings are built like they would have been and are fully outfitted as if the occupants just walked out one day. During the summer we have actors dressed in costume giving tours. We also have a black smith that can custom make just about anything you want that is made out of metal. Not all of the displays are open during the winter but some are and we would be happy to give you a tour. We also have an 1800’s Trading Post that is a gift shop, selling native and handmade goods, it also is a historical display with informational write-ups on the walls and looks just like it would have in the old days.

In addition to our buildings we have many outdoor displays. A fully outfitted chuck wagon, many horse drawn vehicles, Lye soap display, Spanish oven, 1800’s farming tools display and  Native American plant display, the Delta Bank, and Rose’s Cantina! We are currently adding a real old time photo studio!

During the summer we also have different things going on like flint knapping, Navajo silver working, pottery making, Basket weaving, Navajo rug weavers, traditional Native American dancing, blacksmithing, soap making, candle making, quilting, yarn spinning, trapping demo’s, portrait sketchers and many more.

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